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PowerShade Solar Tent

PowerShade military solar tent

The Challenge:

The U.S. Army needed a shade structure which could cover existing tent systems to reduce solar loading (cooling load) while also providing power.


The Approach: 

PowerFilm assembled a team of partners with expertise in tensile structural design and tent manufacturing to go with our expertise in solar. We gathered and tested materials for long-term durability in this application and developed an overall system including the tensile structure, our light weight extremely durable solar modules, a wiring harness to collect the power, and a battery/electronics package  which  stores the power and converts it to standard AC power.


The Solution:

The resulting PowerShade is a wholly new type of structure which provides shade and shelter as well as over 5kW of solar power.  It works for anything from Command and Control centers to disaster relief shades to charging a Tesla.


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