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What makes the PowerBoost Charge Controller better than others on the market?

PWM charge controllers are cheap, and the efficiency of the power transferred from the solar panel into your battery depends on the battery level. MPPT are very expensive, however, you will get the maximum amount of power out of your panel regardless of battery state of charge or illumination level.


Both are off the shelf. PWM offers 70% efficiency or less. MPPT tracks and optimizes the power transferred from the panel to the battery and can be > 90% efficient.  


PowerBoost is built for your application. Since the PowerBoost charge controller is tailored to the Soltronix panel, it is capable of >90% at a low cost making it an ideal system.


Over a full day of clear sky in the sun you may not notice a significant difference between charge controller types, but over two cloudy days, you certainly will see that the system with the PowerBoost will provide significantly more power than the system with the with a PWM controller


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