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What does an integrated charge controller mean?

Built into your panel, built for your application. Soltronix meets your needs with a charge controller optimized for the solar panel. This helps provide you with the most power you can harvest and ensuring your battery remains healthy by not allowing it to be overcharged.

What makes the PowerBoost Charge Controller better than others on the market?

PWM charge controllers are cheap, and the efficiency of the power transferred from the solar panel into your battery depends on the battery level. MPPT are very expensive, however, you will get the maximum amount of power out of your panel regardless of battery state of charge or illumination level.


Both are off the shelf. PWM offers 70% efficiency or less. MPPT tracks and optimizes the power transferred from the panel to the battery and can be > 90% efficient.  


PowerBoost is built for your application. Since the PowerBoost charge controller is tailored to the Soltronix panel, it is capable of >90% at a low cost making it an ideal system.


Over a full day of clear sky in the sun you may not notice a significant difference between charge controller types, but over two cloudy days, you certainly will see that the system with the PowerBoost will provide significantly more power than the system with the with a PWM controller


Can I connect with Soltronix panel to a lithium-ion battery?

Currently, all of our off-the-shelf solutions are designed to charge 12V lead acid systems. You can only use 6Ah or larger lithium-ion batteries designed as lead-acid replacements.


These batteries contain charging circuity designed to protect the battery. Charging many lithium-ion batteries will terminate at roughly 90%, but for some (K2 Energy) you can charge the battery completely.

How do I know what wattage panel will be the best for my specific application?

Contact Us. We’re experts at designing, engineering and providing custom solutions to meet client needs. From 20W to 200W we can build what you need.

What accessories are available for my Soltronix Solar Panel?

PowerFilm accessory cables are compatible with Soltronix panels. More Information

Why do Soltronix Solar Panels use SunPower cells?

We source cells directly from SunPower because of their high efficiency, >21% and industry-leading quality. 

What does semi-flexible mean?

With our custom fiberglass backing panels can be flexed to a 3’ diameter with no risk of degradation.

Can I walk on my solar panel?

Soltronix Solar Panels feature a rugged encapsulation that will stand up to the elements, but we do not advise that you walk on your panel.

How do I clean my solar panel?

Simply wipe down your Soltronix Solar Panel is with a damp cloth removing dirt and dust.

Can I connect more than one panel?

You can connect the 24W and 45W panels (due to the integrated charge controller) but you cannot connect the 100W panel with the 24W or 45W panel without a charge controller to avoid the 100W panel overcharging a battery.

I have a PowerFilm Solar Panel, can I connect my Soltronix panel to it?

Yes, as long as the voltage of the panels match, they can be connected in parallel. You will need a charge controller for charging 12V battery systems connected to your PowerFilm panel. The output of the Soltronix panel and the charge controller on the PowerFilm panel can then be connected in parallel.  

Why is a charge controller needed?

A charge controller is necessary when the power output of a solar panel is greater than about 1/100th of the watt-hour capacity of the battery. If a charge controller is not used in this instance the battery can become overcharged and damaged over time reducing the life of the battery.

Do Soltronix Solar Panels come with a warranty?

Yes, Soltronix Solar Panels come with a one-year limited warranty. Learn more.

What connectors are used on the Soltronix Panels?

Our standard connector type is Delphi Weather Pack. Additional connector options are available however order quantity restrictions may apply.

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