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PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels

What type of solar material is the PowerDrive Panel made out of?

PowerDrive Panels feature our thin film amorphous silicon solar material. This material is incredibly light, durable and flexible.

Will the PowerDrive Panel overcharge my batteries?

No, PowerDrive Panels charge through a charge controller that you purchase alongside the panel. The controller is installed in the battery compartment under the seat and prevents overcharging.

What type of batteries does the PowerDrive Panel support?

PowerDrive Panels are designed to charge flooded, gel and AGM lead-acid batteries. PowerDrive Panels will support aftermarket lithium-ion lead-acid replacements (due to the included electronics mimicking a lead-acid battery) but will not function with a lithium-ion based golf car.

What battery configurations does the PowerDrive Panel support?

PowerDrive Panels are designed to function with 36V, 48V and 72V battery configurations.

How much does the PowerDrive Panel weigh?

E-Z-GO TXT, RXV, Club Car Precedent and Generic models weigh roughly 4.5lbs. The Extended Top weighs roughly 6.5lbs. 

Do I need to replace my canopy to install a PowerDrive Panel?

PowerDrive Panels utilize a snap-on installation method and will fit your existing canopy requiring no replacement.

Can I charge my golf car with the standard charger when my PowerDrive Panel is installed?

Yes, the PowerDrive Panel charges independent of the standard charging function of your golf car.

How much additional driving distance will I get with the PowerDrive Panel?

Based on our tests, you can expect 20-25% increased driving distance depending on how you drive the car and what part of the world you are located in. Want to learn more about the results you can expect? Download our free filed test report. 

What golf car models do PowerDrive Panels fit?

PowerDrive Panels are designed to fit E-Z-GO TXT, RXV, Club Car Precedent, a generic option to fit most other cars and an extended top model for cars with larger canopies.

What is the environmental impact of using a PowerDrive Panel

Using a PowerDrive Panel helps save 175 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Can I install the PowerDrive Panel myself?

Installation requires no special tools and can be done by the golf car owner following the step-by-step instructions included with your purchase.

Will my PowerDrive Panel break if a golf ball or low hanging tree limb hits it?

PowerDrive Panels are extremely durable and designed to weather impacts and will not break from hail, tree limbs or other incidents that might occur on a golf course.

Can I charge other devices with my PowerDrive Panel?

PowerDrive Panels can be used to charge other devices, but we would suggest using a Foldable Solar Panel or Rollable Solar Panel for your additional charging needs.

How do I clean my PowerDrive Panel?

Use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution and allow to dry thoroughly. This will ensure that you enjoy great performance for as long as possible.

Do PowerDrive Panels come with a warranty?

PowerDrive Panels include a one year limited warranty. Learn more

What kind of connection does the PowerDrive Panel use to charge my battery?

PowerDrive Panels use a Delphi Weather Pack connector.

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