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How do I clean my Foldable Solar Panel?

Use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution and allow to dry thoroughly. DO NOT submerge or leave in a wet environment.

What can Foldable Solar Panels power?

PowerFilm solar panels can be used for both large and small-scale power generation. Panels are designed to be ultra-light and can power devices directly or recharge 12V batteries.

How do I get the best performance out of my Foldable Solar Panel?

Place your Foldable Solar Panel perpendicular to the sun for best performance.

Is my Foldable Solar Panel waterproof?

The Foldable line is not waterproof but is water resistant. If the panel gets wet be sure to let it dry out completely before packing it up to prevent moisture retention and mold. If you are looking for a fully waterproof solution the Rollable Line is a great option.

Can I permanently install my Foldable Solar Panel outside?

Foldable Solar Panels are designed for regular outdoor use, but not for permanent outdoor installations. 

While a light rain will not damage the panels if they are brought inside and dried before storing, the panels are not weatherproof and should not be deployed in poor conditions. 

The fabric may discolor and fray with permanent outdoor exposure, and the individual solar modules may be compromised as well.

Are Foldable Solar Panels compatible with Rollable Solar Panels?

Yes, Foldable and Rollables can be daisy-chained in parallel using a Daisy Chain Cable (RA-6-HD) (Be sure to check the voltages of either panel. Standard Foldable and Rollables are 15.4V but 30V versions for specific products are available as well).

Do Foldable Solar Panels come with a warranty?

Yes, Foldable Solar Panels come with a one-year limited warranty. Learn more.

What kinds of batteries can a Foldable Solar Panel charge?

Foldable Solar Panels are designed to charge 12V flooded, gel and AGM lead-acid batteries.

What kinds of battery banks can a Foldable Solar Panel Charge?

With the proper accessory, Foldable Solar Panels can charge any number of different available batteries such as the RIVER Mobile Power Station. Confirm functionality with the battery manufacturer.

How should I store my Foldable Solar Panel?

Foldable Solar Panels are very resilient but to ensure a long lifetime store in a cool dry environment.

How durable is my Foldable Solar Panel?

Foldable Solar Panels are incredibly durable and flexible. General flexing provides no issues at all. Do not crease the solar panel material as this will cause shunts and affect overall performance.

Do I need to use a charge controller when charging my battery with a Foldable Solar Panel?

If your battery capacity (Ah) divided by 100 is less than or equal to the panel current (assuming that the voltages are matched) you do not need to use a charge controller in your setup. If however, the battery capacity divided by 100 is greater than the panel current. Make sure to use a charge controller to ensure safe charging.

What is the best way to secure my Foldable Solar Panel?

You can use the grommets on each of the corners and a tie cord to hold the panel in place. This is important to reduce loss or damage from high winds.

Can I leave my Foldable Solar Panel permanently connected to a battery?

Foldable Solar Panels are not designed for permanent installations. They are designed to be deployed and packed up. If you are interested in a permanent outdoor installation consider Rollable Solar Panels or Soltronix Crystalline Solar Panels. These panels can be permanently connected to your battery since the built-in blocking diode in the junction box blocks the draining of your battery. As with any permanent connection to a battery, safely clean the connection as needed (charge controller may be necessary).

What connectors are used on the Foldable Solar Panels?

Our standard connector type is Delphi Weather Pack. Additional connector options are available however order quantity restrictions may apply.

What type of solar is used in Foldable Solar Panels?

Amorphous silicon on a flexible polyimide substrate.

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