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Black Friday Deals!

Posted on 11/22/2019 at 08:11 AM by Seth Hansen


It's that time of year again! 


When people scavenge store catalogs, pilfer through newspaper ads and dig into website deals.


While the holidays are about more than scoring sweet deals, we understand, sales are fun!


With this in mind, we are running a few discounts of our own this Black Friday and want to let you know ahead of time!


Starting 12:00 AM 11/29 to 12:00 AM 12/4, you can take advantage of following deals: 


20% off LightSaver Portable Solar Chargers!


LightSaver Unrolled      Plugging a device into a LightSaver     


LightSaver Portable Solar Charger

Normal Price = $99.99 

Sale Price = $79.99

Savings = $20.00!

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We took over 30 years of experience designing solar solutions for businesses and the US Military and built a product tailored for consumers.


Solar chargers on the market are bulky and lack energy storage. The LightSaver's high-performance electronics, dependability, and compact design put it in a class all by



The LightSaver features a state of the art roll out thin-film solar panel to keep your devices powered on the go.


Thin-film solar helps make the LightSaver thinner and more portable than any other solar panel on the market. Industrial grade fabric will stand up to the elements, and the incredibly durable solar panel makes the LightSaver insanely durable and ridiculously dependable.


In our fast-paced mobile world, power is no longer an option but a necessity. The LightSaver stores the power of the sun to keep you connected.


The LightSaver can be mounted and charged on the go. Weighing in at a mere 4.9 ounces, it's perfect for a weekend hike or being stowed in a backpack.


With cutting edge technology, a sleek design, and industry-leading durability, the LightSaver keeps you connected.


The LightSaver Portable Solar Charger is the ideal gift for the hiker, camper, backpacker, or tech-lover in your life. It also makes the perfect stocking stuffer!


25+% off 20 Watt & 30 Watt Foldable Solar Panels with 10,000mAh Battery Bank Bundles!

20 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Powerbank Bundle

20 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Powerbank Bundle

Normal Price = $274.99 

Bundle Sale Price = $200.00

Savings = $74.99!

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30 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Powerbank Bundle

30 Watt Foldable Solar Panel Powerbank Bundle

Normal Price = $374.99 

Bundle Sale Price = $279.00

Savings = $95.99!

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Our Foldable Solar Panels are lightweight, durable, and extremely portable. 


The solar panels are mounted to weather-resistant fabric that quickly folds for storage and unfolds for use. 


Unmatched durability allows for use in the harshest environments and a panel that works even after a portion is damaged. 


These compact panels fit easily into most backpacks and are perfect accessories to provide power for a wide range of electronics. 


Foldable Solar Panels keep you connected, power your outdoor life, and help you get more out of your outdoor adventures.


Each bundle includes a 10,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery bank with dual 2.1A USB outputs, a Female Car Charger Adapter, and 2.4A Dual USB 12V Adapter. 


With either the 20 Watt or 30 Watt bundle, you can charge two smartphones or other USB-enabled devices simultaneously from this high-capacity battery bank.  


Then you can charge your battery back up via solar when needed!


Alternatively, you can charge a device directly from the solar panels.


This holiday season, give the gift of power to the outdoorsman and woman in your life.


Questions? Feel free to leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Have a safe and happy holiday.


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