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The Perfect Holiday Gifts

Posted on 12/09/2016 at 12:00 AM by Seth Hansen

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The holidays are upon us whether you like it or not. These times can be incredibly rewarding, but also unbearably stressful.

Unlike the serene picture above, our lives can feel chaotic, disorganized and out of sorts. 

You try to outfit everyone on your list with the perfect gift in an attempt to show them how much you care but also to avoid the most uncomfortable gift rejection.

They would never say it, but you can see the look on someone's face when they wish your gift was ... something else.

Questions flood your mind when thinking of gift ideas:


"Will they use it?"


"Will it get here on time?"


"Will it work?"


"I just want to give them something they'll love!"


You're not alone. We have all been there.

This season we are here to come alongside you and make this process easier! 

For a limited time only (deals end December 24th), we have steep discounts on discontinued portable solar panels that will keep your loved ones powered up wherever they go!

No matter which gift you choose, you can take solace in knowing that at PowerFilm Solar we stand behind out products and will never leave you in the lurch. 

Each of our holiday gifts ideas is equipped with advanced solar technology and can stand up to abuse. (Don't believe me? Watch this video where we shot up our panel just to prove how tough our solar material truly is.)

For that over-zealous person who always runs his or her cell phone battery dead we have the USB+AA. This portable solar charger folds up to fit easily in your pocket and can charge your USB devices when you need a boost. This product comes in 4 colors to suit the tastes of that special someone on your list!


AA batteries have been around for a long time and guess what? They aren't going anywhere! We have the perfect solution to keep those products you love charged up. The AA foldable  can charge up to 4 batteries and still fold up and fit in your pocket!


These lightweight foldable chargers are perfect for the active cell phone user, AA battery drainer or anyone else! Get your while they are up to 50% off!

But wait, there's more :)

We are also discounting larger foldable solar panels. For a limited time only you can save on the 5, 10, 12 and 13 watt foldable solar panels. These panels feature the same advanced solar technology and can help your keep larger electronic charged or charge that cell phone or tablet more quickly. 


Can't decide? Buy one of each. The USB+AA can keep your loved one's cell phone charged and for that larger power need they can use one our larger foldables at their campsite. 


This holiday season don't stress over how to buy the perfect gift.

At PowerFilm Solar we are proud to provide reliable solar power that you can count on.

Have a great holiday season and leave the power to us! Hurry because these prices won't last long!

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