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Surplus and Seconds Solar Panel Sale

Big savings for ham radio operators on extremely portable solar panels

PowerFilm is now offering several ways for hams to save on American made, lightweight solar products.

  1. Amazon - our Amazon store offers a wide variety of products include small OEM modules, larger power systems and more.  We have also included our USB mini rollup charger on Amazon.
  2. "Seconds" are items marked down when they cannot be sold as new for some reason, but are still fully tested and functional. See the list below.

Be sure to check out our page on Solar Panels for Ham Radio.

PowerFilm Solar is able to offer the following products at a significant discount. These products are either surplus, cosmetically blemished (but functional) or have power output below rated specifications. The following products have deep discounts offered while they last

Product Weight Discount Reason Price
Foldable 120W Khaki  6.5 lbs Cosmetic Blemish $900
    Low Output $750
Foldable 90W Khaki  5 lbs Cosmetic Blemish $700
Foldable 60W Black  3.2 lbs Cosmetic Blemish $550
    Low Output $450





Rollable R28 28W  1.8 lbs Cosmetic Blemish $270
Rollable R28 28W   Low Output $250
Rollable R21 21W  1.4 lbs Cosmetic Blemish $210
Rollable R21 21W   Low Output $170


  • Most cosmetic blemishes are minor, however, they prevent our quality team from allowing it to be sold in New condition. Examples of blemishes include sewing defects, soldering iron marks/holes, smudge mark in fabric, etc.

  • Products that are marked "low output" are simply below the rated spec of the product... for example, a 30 Watt panel may only produce 27 Watts.  These products have been tested and found to produce at least 85% of rated power.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All products are fulled tested prior to shipment. Products with cosmetic blemishes or marked below power spec have a 30 day guarantee.
  2. Supply will vary. We will let you know if we are out of stock.
  3. Offer only available in USA.
  4. Accessories:
  • Foldable solar panels ship with a RA-2 Car Charger Adapter.
  • Rollable solar panels ship with a RA-2 Car Charger Adapter and a RA-11 extension cord with ring terminals.
  • If you are interested in other accessories, such as our RA-13 Anderson PowerPole adapter, let us know.



If you are interested in purchasing a solar panel from our "factory seconds" stock, complete the form below. We will contact you and let you know if we still have stock available. If you have any other questions, just contact us using the form.

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