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We offer the only end-to-end custom solar module solution, working with partners from project conception to development to production, resulting in 100 percent custom solar modules.

PowerFilm® is a global industry leader in custom OEM solar module solutions. With highly diverse product offerings, PowerFilm has the proven agility and engineering expertise to meet partner objectives of nearly any capacity.

Why partner with PowerFilm?

  • Create an optimized solar solution matching your exact needs.
  • Develop innovative and appropriate solar integration techniques.
  • Diagnose ideal size and shape of solar modules based on application.
  • Determine the best suited solar power and voltage requirements.
  • Provide consultation and engineering assistance.
  • Experience with a wide variety of solar module integration options, including fabric, adhesive backings, magnetic backings and many more.

With the capability to adjust production characteristics and the agility to alter direction quickly, PowerFilm, Inc. is the only company in the solar industry that can offer a fully custom solar module solution with reasonable minimums and costs.

Key Points:

  • Quick turns
  • 100% custom solutions
  • Made in the USA
  • Consultative and collaborative approach to partnerships (please have power requirements calculated prior to beginning custom solar module manufacturing discussions)
  • Variety of power requirements
  • Variety of voltage requirements
  • Module size and shape flexibility
  • Best in class mounting/integration techniques and technology – if a special encapsulate is required for proper module integration PowerFilm does that, if special mounting requirements require finding a new method PowerFilm does that … it’s why PowerFilm, Inc. is the only, best choice for custom solar module production
  • Engineering expertise and experience
  • Reasonable minimums

As the solar industry and the thin-film, flexible solar panel market rapidly evolve with new and exciting technologies, PowerFilm will continue to be the world leader in creating and manufacturing unique custom solar solutions and OEM applications.

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