Power Film Solar

Bushnell Portable Power

Bushnell wanted a packable power source for people on the go?

The Challenge: Bushnell approached PowerFilm looking for a line of integrated solar charging systems for the outdoor and backpacking markets. The products needed to couple a solar panel and battery such that the solar charged the battery and the battery supplied power to applications through a USB output. These products had to be light, durable, and stand out as something special among the flood of USB chargers from Chinese factories.

The Approach:  PowerFilm used its Mini-rollup as a cornerstone of the product line and designed a series of larger products to go with it. PowerFilm provided both mechanical and electrical design for this line of products in addition to the solar.

The mini-rollup combines a lithium-ion battery with one watt of solar in a package that can be easily slipped into a pocket or pack. Larger units in the line also combined solar panels with battery storage and can easily go into the backpack.


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