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Douglas Tumminello

"I used the PowerFilm R-21 in my 2015-16 expedition In which I attempted to ski solo and unsupported from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole (www.southpolesolo.com). I used the rollable panel to charge various electronics – satellite phones and trackers, iPods and other batteries – that were critical to my survival while alone on the Antarctic ice for over 35 days.  Conditions were predictably brutal with temperatures colder than negative 20, extreme winds and regular whiteouts, making survival challenging. The R-21 performed magnificently despite the extreme conditions, providing a charge even in dense whiteout. Before the expedition I spent countless hours researching the best, lightweight solar panel solution for my expedition and selected the PowerFilm. I’m glad I did – the panel proved itself time and again. Having used solar panels on numerous expeditions, including a summit of Mt. Everest and a world record crossing of the Indian Ocean by row boat, I can say that the PowerFilm is best in class!"

Captain Michael Wentz Battery Commander, US Army 2-32 Field Artillery Regiment 101st Air Assault Division

"Working with Wesley White and the team at PowerFilm was a great experience. They took me seriously from the beginning conversation, which is not common amongst many companies in the military contracting space. They worked tirelessly to accomplish the mission and made sure that the specifications were absolutely correct before producing a prototype. I enjoyed hosting them at a week long field exercise where we tested the vehicle mounted solar power system for our M119A3 howitzers, and the results were even better than I expected. We will be ordering many more panels and air assault capable systems from them in the future. PowerFilm has proven that they are committed to improving how the US Army makes power without the need for fossil fuels, and will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction."

Nate (Canadian Prepper), Survivalist

"PowerFilm panels are ideal for bug out bags and other outdoor activities due to their being exceptionally portable, lightweight, durable and efficient. Their flexibility makes for a variety of possibilities in terms of how they can be set up, throw it on a tent, hang it from a tree, backpack, or just roll it out in the ground. Most monocrystalline panels I've seen are too heavy to be thrown over shelter setups like tents, or too awkward or inefficient in variable light conditions to be effectively mounted to a backpack when mobile. PowerFilm quality is second to none and supports american workers."

Mary B. Park Ranger, Alaska

“My husband and I returned from a remote region in Alaska yesterday afternoon, after 39 days in the back country. Your PowerFilm product was a superstar and totally out performed the Goal Zero solar panel. We had a stretch of 10 days in a row of RAIN, and our Yeti charger was completely depleted. The Power Film solar panel was able to grab whatever tiny bits of light made it through the heavy cloud cover every day, and give enough power to the Yeti -- albeit sometimes only 20%, but we were thrilled to have anything! --  that we could recharge the electronics essential for our work. (Non-essential equipment like my husband's CPAP machine went silent for 10 days.)

The Goal Zero panel needed full or nearly full sun to generate power. I knew your solar panel wasn't waterproof, so we didn't leave it out in the pouring rain, but it did get drizzled on often; which is standard Alaska weather! This level of moisture did not seem to affect the performance of or damage the panel."

Neil Smith, Little Egypt Golf Cars, Illinois

“I chose PowerFilm panels for my golf carts for four main reasons.These panels are lightweight, this means adding very little additional weight to the cart. Secondly, they perform better in a wider range of lighting conditions. This helps produce power even when it isn’t perfectly sunny out. A huge benefit for use is also the durability of the product. The amorphous silicon thin film isn’t damaged by golf balls, tree limbs, hail stones or anything like that. Finally, the panels extend the run times of our carts! This means less time in the sheds and the trickle charge they provide also keeps cart batteries healthier and they can last longer.”

Rob Lange Fire Captain - San Diego

“My PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel is working great. I get much better range, around 1 mile per hour of charging time.”

Kevin, Micronesia

“In my years of voyaging around the planet under sail I've had the opportunity to work with countless vendors for assistance with the repair and maintenance (and sometimes replacement) of the dozens of on board systems. Every product fails eventually...usually in the 3rd world. My experience with the customer service team at PowerFilm has certainly won my continuing faith in their products and their product support. They processed my inquiry quickly and efficiently and expedited shipment of the product to my overseas location with no issues. I would not hesitate to do business with PowerFilm in the future.”

Tom Opre (Sheep Hunt)

“We exclusively use PowerFilm Solar products when producing Eye of the Hunter™ on remote locations all over the world. We have tried a variety of products from other manufacturers, but hands down our most reliable solar charging systems come from PowerFilm Solar. Their products are lightweight, durable and, most importantly, keep our camera batteries charged in just about any weather conditions."

Doug Hardy, PhD Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts

"We have been using PowerFilm foldable solar panels (60W and 90W) in the Peruvian Andes for several years now to charge a variety of different batteries. At elevations above 5,000 m, solar irradiance is high, yet storms can occur at any time of year. The ability to fold panels up during snowstorms or high winds prevents systems from damage and makes the panels much easier to carry on horses!"

Beau Johnston, Editor in Chief | Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine

"We picked up the 60-watt panel for those times when we are in camp for more than a night and need to keep our deep-cycle battery charged. We don't typically camp in a location for more than one night so our deep-cycle battery is charged while we drive. We liked the panel because of how compact it was when stored yet could provide enough power for our needs.

The panel has worked flawlessly for the last four years. It has been stepped on, driven over, and submerged in rain/snow (Overland Expo 2015) and kept on working."

Stephanie Branchaud, Journey4Renewal

“The LightSaver was the perfect charger for us to bring on our 66 day canoe trip! It was compact, lightweight, easy to set up and lay out on the canoe while paddling on a sunny day. We used the LightSaver to keep our cameras and InReach satellite phone charged. I don't know how we would have kept these things going without a solar charger. Thank you so much!”

Karrie Kressler, Arizona Trail Thru-hiker

“My partner and I used the PowerFilm LightSaver on our 800-mile thru-hike of the Arizona Trail.  On treks like this, we like to take along a small solar charger.  It gives us more battery life for our slightly obsessive photo taking tendencies and for our phones in those just in case moments. This little baby performed well as a battery pack, and usually brought both of our iPhones into town without the need to set it in the sun for a charge. When we did set it out or tied it to the top of our packs, it soaked up the desert sun rays more efficiently than solar chargers we've tried in the past. Always opting for less bulk on lightweight  backpacking trips, I was also grateful for its compact design.”

T.J. Bettis, Orlando Outfitters

“I recently spent a weekend camping on the St. Johns River in central Florida. It’s a difficult river to navigate and I ran a GPS app on my phone while running our boat. My late model phone usually runs out of power after a couple hours of constant use. With the phone connected to the LightSaver charger, which was spread out in the sun, it stayed near 100% power for the entire trip. The LightSaver charger had plenty of power left at night to run a small USB flashlight. This is a great everyday and travel accessory and will be invaluable the next time a hurricane leaves us without power.” 

Luigi, Florida boater

“I use this (rollable solar panel) on my boat to keep the batteries charged as I have no access to shore power. It works great.”

“You really stand behind your clients. I'm extremely impressed. I love your product and never go out on the water without it. Makes us feel safe because it works so well. Thank you again.”

Mike, Colorado

"Being in a business where people rely on me to be there when they need me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate a company that stands behind their product and reacts immediately when I need them! I'm convinced now more than ever, when it's mission critical, PowerFilm is the right choice!"

Sanjay, Frontline Engineers, India

“We are one of the many PowerFilm Solar distributors and have sold hundreds of panels across India without a single return! We continue to receive compliments from customers about their product satisfaction and appreciation. This, accompanied by immaculate quality product packing and timely deliveries by PowerFilm, ensures that we are able to maintain the highest standards of quality.”

Michael Shivers, Renew

"Renew has been incorporating PowerFilm solar panels into our systems for a number of years now, and their panels have consistently been among the best for in-house testing of the equipment that we send to jungles, mountains, deserts, and other remote regions of the world. As supervisor of the QC here at Renew, I've been thoroughly impressed with their quality. Thank you, PowerFilm, for your commitment to making quality solar products!"


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