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Low-Light Solar Development Kits Are Now Available

February 2, 2017

PowerFilm is now offering low-light development kits to those interested in low-light solar technology.

PowerFilm has been in business for almost three decades and has the ability to manufacture solar material so sensitive it can power sensors, transmitters and other low-power electronic devices from indoor light sources.

​PowerFilm’s indoor low-light panels support many different use cases including:

Indoor use, either in interior rooms or next to a window.

Power levels typically associated with Bluetooth-level requirements.

Applications with a steady state draw in tens or hundreds of micro-watts range with intermittent - every second or so - bursts of higher output.

The kits include two PowerFilm LL3-37 Low-Light OEM modules, a circuit board with an energy harvesting chip, a battery and screw terminals for easy connection. These kits allow experimentation with PowerFilm's industry leading low-light solar panels in various environments and with various use cases.

For more about PowerFilm’s development kits visit: http://bit.ly/2jKQTlT

To learn why amorphous silicon solar material is perfect for powering IoT visit: http://bit.ly/2dQmKi2

About PowerFilm

PowerFilm specializes in custom solar solutions meeting design, power-output and time line needs of customers. Controlling each step in engineering, design and production, PowerFilm delivers the highest quality and performing systems. Our amorphous silicon functions at incredibly low light levels making it perfect for IoT, indoor, and many outdoor applications. Modules have been used for a wide range of applications including solar tents for the Army, powering electronics on a space exploration vehicle and custom asset tracking solutions. PowerFilm has been developing and manufacturing its unique flexible solar technology for nearly three decades, making it one of the few, and maybe the oldest, surviving solar manufacturers in the United States.


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